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DVD Cover Gold  Product Overview

DVD Cover Gold is a slick Windows program that will print all types of media covers and disc labels with the greatest of ease.

One of the attractive things about this program is the professional yet intuitive user interface, which makes it ideal for any computer user.

Regardless of your individual level of knowledge, we have made this program extremely easy to use. Printing covers or disc labels could not be any easier. Simply browse for the cover, make any necessary adjustments and select print.

The ability to print covers for the slim line DVD cases have made this program very popular. If you are looking for a low cost Windows application that will enable you to print perfect covers then DVD Cover Gold is the one for you.

Project Templates:

DVD Cover Gold version 3.0 introduces the concept of project templates. Project templates allow you to create and save many different variations of the same project type (disc label, dvd case, etc.) that can be used over and over again.

Selectable Units:

Now users have a choice as to which unit of measurement they want to work with. This makes creating projects easier than ever.

Measuring Units Available:

  • Inches
  • Centimeters
  • Millimeters

Improved Project Canvas:

We have improved the project canvas to make creating projects a breeze. You'll find the improved zoom and pan controls simple and intuitive to use when adjusting cover images.

Drag & Drop Support:

Load cover images instantly by dragging them onto the project canvas.

Screen Shots:

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Disc Label Project DVD Case Project
Print Setup Select Project Template

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